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Last updated: October 2017

Cambodian Society in the United Kingdom
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Acknowledgements note

We'd like to thank all members including senior and junior executive members for their efforts, commitments and supports. We owe our gratitute to the following people:

If your names are not on the list and you know that you have helped CASUNIK for any purpose big and small, then please let us know, we will be much appreciated.

In the year 2008, the Khmer new year celebration could not go on with the fresh feels and decor without the committee members, friends of the community, VLC support team, the students and the Royal Embassy of Cambodia's help. Once again, thank you all and most of all to the subscribing memers of this society! We wish you good health, happiness and a prosperous year!

Administration team of Casunik

A huge thanks to Casunik members and Friends
Members and Friends
Mr and Mrs Mien TanMr and Mrs Nam TanMr and Mrs Moeng Phok
Miss Sok Chhoeun HangMr and Mrs Thoul NouMr and Mrs Chea Tan
Mrs Pak Neari RuosMr Lun BorithyMrs Rany Bradley and daughters
Mr Dararith PenMr Chea Bunny and familyMr and Mrs Sambath
Mr and Mrs Sovanna PrakMr and Mrs Sunit Pak SamayMr and Mrs Sareuy Long
Mrs Bunn Nary Todd and familyMrs Sobopha OwenMr Sam A Ruos
Mr Dayanny SoLady Ravynn CoxenMrs Radar So and family
Mr and Mrs Chinboth D RosMrs Muy Eng ToeukMr and Mrs Lee Kimson
Mr and Mrs Sam RozetMr and Mrs Mea BouMr and Mrs Socheat
Mr and Mrs Sien Tek UngMr and Mrs Rithy Kakada PichMr and Mrs (Mark, Dinal) Blomfield
Ms Sinoun BlomfieldMs Chantrea BlomfieldMiss Daniele Owen
Mrs Sokhom Hun and Mr Carl HopkinsMr Thy HyMiss Kunthea Chroeung
Mr and Mrs Pona, Vanara TanMr and Mrs Sorel NouMrs Sakhan Unn
Ms Pranee NouMrs Sorany OgstonMs Soravy Dom
Mr and Mrs Rith ChreaMrs Davita TouchMrs Bunna So
Mr Sor CasinoMr Martin KingstonMrs Vann Kingston
Mr Stephen OwenMr Tom MonroMr John Bourchier
Mr Phil RichardsonMr Gordon HulbertMs Anita Kelsey
Mr Hamis IsmaelDr Habib RahmanMr and Mrs James Jenkison
Mrs Chandy ParnellMs Laksmi RuosMr Maneat
Mr Lenghy TitMr JedeMr Sok Din

A huge thanks to the students group
Students Association
Mr Dara SokMr Kresna MotDy Sovann
Chan Kresna NathVathna SoSophal Sok
Sokphyrom TiengMr Kunthea TepLim Samnang
Samphors ChroengMr Chea ColaSovy Thak
Rachnna CheaAmara MaoMei In Zhiu
HaiSor ChansopheakMok Rady
Sann SopheakvitouHeng TryIth Sambo
Thay RatanakSeihaAmara
Mr PisethMr KimMr Tou
Mr NorithMr VisothMr Den
Mr SmeyMr NeachMr Hak
Miss SopagnaMiss Thida GneanNoun Rathanak Sambath
Peuo SalidethLim ChongtechSom Yuvakratana
Leng Phuong BunnarathKim ThavuthBun Many
Eang AmaraLou VuthaMr Chansopheak Sor
Mr Rattanak KeoMr Yuvakratana SomMr Pisey Keo
Mr Dara EngMr Thavuth KimMr Sinang Crea
Mr Navuth LyMss Amara EangMr Rady Mok
Mr Sinkhannorith SannMr Rattanak KeoMr Yuvakratana Som
Mr Kasy TanMr Chorng BunawathMr Choungtech Lim
Mr Sopheakvitou SannMr Leang Tech HourMr Chansopheak Sor
Mr Keopisey Yin

A huge thanks to the Royal Embassy of Cambodia personnel
Cambodia Foreign Office Personnel
HE Ambassador Hor Nambora and familyMr and Mrs Cheth Naren and familyMr Khun Sovanneth
Mr Paul SengkyMr and Mrs Som SunnaMs Sou Chan Nary
Ms Kuy Yanna

A huge thanks to the photographers
Mr Charles FoxMr Sudarinn UnnMr Simon Brewer

A huge thanks to the VLC personnel
VLC Centre Personnel
Mr LeMr and Mrs LaiMr Philip Moonsam
Mr GacMr TuMiss Somini

A huge thanks to News & IT team

Thanks to Mr Sunit Pak Samay for his subcription-fee to Casunik.org.uk domain for year 2008-2009.

Also, the IT team wishes to thank the owners of the images obtained from either Google, Yahoo or other search engines that our designer might have used on this site.




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