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Last updated: October 2017

Cambodian Society in the United Kingdom
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The departure of HE Hor Nam Bora and family

From: Casunik Administration (March 2014)

On Friday 07th March 2014, HE Hor Nam Bora and family left London for Cambodia. Returning home after ten years of diplomatic service in representing Cambodia to the African Union - Denmark - Ethiopia - Finland - Ireland - Norway - Sweden - United Kingdom.

During his tenure, his help and supports for the Casunik community conveyed the unity of all Cambodians near and far but most importantly, the dedication to maintain our tradition, culture and religion.

Reports 2013: AGM & Congratulatory Letter(s)

From: Casunik Administration (2013)

For members and friends who wish to view the report of AGM 2012-2013, please follow the link below:

For members and friends who wish to view the congratulatory letter from the Ambassador Hor Nam Bora, please follow the link below:

Tourism of Cambodia Brochure 2013

From: The Royal Embassy of Cambodia - UK (2013)

A colourful yearly publication highlighting some of the many magnificent sights which can be discovered during a visit to the Kingdom of Wonder.
http://www.cambodianembassy.org.uk/publications/PDF/Tourism/Tourism Cambodia Brochure 2013.pdf

Hanumana Nostalgia 2011 CD Compilation - Now on YouTube!

From: Hanna Oss (2013)

Hanumana Nostalgia 2011 By Sam A Ruos. A Cambodian Compilation of soothing instrumental tracks with selected old melodies of Khmer music - ReVamped!! Produced & arranged by Sam A Ruos. Released in the UK. Most of the tracks of the compilation can be found and listened to @ the link above.

Not many Cambodian artists do what he does ie. an instrumentally smooth Cambodian oldies. In fact, he's the second artist to do that. The first of this kind was the Cambodian King Father HM Norodom Sihanouk.

If you like it, comment on it, click the "Thumb" and share it among friends or drop us an email:

Lost of our member Khun Lim (Spouse of Mr Tan Nam)

From: Mr Tan Nam and the Family (2013 - Khun Lim passed away on 14 May 2013)

Mr Tan Nam and the Family, would like to thank you for your attendance to the funeral service and your contributions for Bang Skaul, which had raised :
In the UK : 4100.00GBP and donated directly to King College Hospital.
In France : 4550.00 Euros and 240.00 USD were donated directly to Pothivong Buddist temple at Champs/Marne /France.

Mahendraparvata, 1,200-Year-Old Lost Medieval City In Cambodia, Unearthed By Archaeologists (VIDEO)

From: Heng Phalla Sambath (2013)

A lost medieval city that thrived on a mist-shrouded Cambodian mountain 1,200 years ago has been discovered by archaeologists using revolutionary airborne laser technology, a report said. In what it called a world exclusive, the Sydney Morning Herald said the city, Mahendraparvata, included temples hidden by jungle for centuries, many of which have not been looted. A journalist and photographer from the newspaper...

Documentary videos of Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia

From: Ravynn Coxen (2013)

Troupe "Sacred Dancers of Angkor" getting for Amansara performance 2
Spiritual Dance Troupe Prepares for US Tour (Cambodia news in Khmer)
Cambodian Sacred Dance Revived. Ravynn Karet Coxen shares the inspiration for her opening a dance school focused on Cambodian sacred dance.

Documentary videos of Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia

From: Ravynn Coxen (2012)

Angkor High Ritual 20 Years UNESCO Inscription
Dedication for Late King Sihanouk at the Palace 19th November 2012

Articles in English on Buddhism

BuddhaSasana Buddhist website - English Section. From: Bhikkhu Khemacaro, Yos Hut. Wat Langka, Phnom Penh


Like Rain In Summer - 2012

'Like Rain In Summer' at Conway Hall, Holborn, London. Wednesday 28th November 2012, 7.30pm.



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