Cambodian Society
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Acknowledgements note

We'd like to thank all members including senior and junior executive members for their efforts, commitments and supports. We owe our gratitute to the following people:

If your names are not on the list and you know that you have helped CASUNIK for any purpose big and small, then please let us know, we will be much appreciated.

In the year 2008, the Khmer new year celebration could not go on with the fresh feels and decor without the committee members, friends of the community, VLC support team, the students and the Royal Embassy of Cambodia's help. Once again, thank you all and most of all to the subscribing memers of this society! We wish you good health, happiness and a prosperous year!

Administration team of Casunik

A huge thanks to Casunik members and Friends

Members and Friends
1. Mr and Mrs Mien Tan
2. Mr and Mrs Nam Tan
3. Mr and Mrs Moeng Phok
4. Miss Sok Chhoeun Hang
5. Mr and Mrs Thoul Nou
6. Mr and Mrs Chea Tan
7. Mrs Pak Neari Ruos
8. Mr Lun Borithy
9. Mrs Rany Bradley and daughters
10. Mr Dararith Pen
11. Mr Chea Bunny and family
12. Mr and Mrs Sambath
13. Mr and Mrs Sovanna Prak
14. Mr and Mrs Sunit Pak Samay
15. Mr and Mrs Sareuy Long
16. Mrs Bunn Nary Todd and family
17. Mrs Sobopha Owen
18. Mr Usaly Tan
19. Sam A Ruos
20. Mr Dayanny So
21. Lady Ravynn Coxen
22. Mrs Radar So and family
23. Mr and Mrs Chinboth D Ros
24. Mrs Muy Eng Toeuk
25. Mr and Mrs Lee Kimson
26. Mr and Mrs Sam Rozet
27. Mr and Mrs Mea Bou
28. Mr and Mrs Socheat
29. Mr and Mrs Sien Tek Ung
30. Mr and Mrs Rithy Kakada Pich
31. Mrs Rithy keo Pich
32. Mr and Mrs (Mark, Dinal) Blomfield
33. Ms Sinoun Blomfield
34. Ms Chantrea Blomfield
35. Miss Daniele Owen
36. Mrs Sokhom Hun and Mr Carl Hopkins
37. Miss Kunthea Chroeung
38. Mr Saroeuy Long
39. Mr and Mrs Pona Vanara Tan
40. Mr and Mrs Sorel Nou
41. Mrs Sakhan Unn
42. Ms Pranee Nou
43. Mrs Sorany Ogston
44. Ms Soravy Dom
45. Mr and Mrs Rith Chrea
46. Mrs Davita Touch
47. Mrs Bunna So
48. Mr Sor Casino
49. Mr Martin Kingston
50. Mrs Vann Kingston
51. Mr Stephen Owen
52. Mr Tom Monro
53. Mr John Bourchier
54. Mr Phil Richardson
55. Mr Gordon Hulbert
56. Ms Anita Kelsey
57. Mr Hamis Ismael
58. Dr Habib Rahman
59. Mr and Mrs James Jenkison
60. Mrs Chandy Parnell
61. Ms Laksmi Ruos
62. Mr Maneat
63. Mr Lenghy Tit
64. Mr Jede
65. Mr Sok Din
66. Mr Dara Than
67. Mr Rithy Hy
68. Rosalind Fox
69. Olive Essien
70. Delores Barratt
71. Bandana Batra
72. Meena Ruperl
73. Mr Vuthy Udom
74. Ms Chanvolak Nousovath
75. Ms Sabrina Keo-Pich
76. Mr Chheang Seng
77. Mrs Van Kingston
78. Mrs Sovan Rovai
79. Mr Naden Poan
80. Mr Samley Hong (France)
81. Mr Tang How
82. Mrs Tann Kim
83. Sovann Rovai
84. Sinoun Blomfield
85. Mrs Nory Hradsky-Fisher
86. Sinoun Blomfield
87. Dennis Hradsky-fisher
88. Chariya Von
89. Sovathiro Mao
90. Korm Keo Oudom
91. Ms Rachana Pich
92. Ms Sabrina Pich
93. Mrs Sunami Nou
94. Mrs Siena Tan-Chea
95. Mrs Chan Chea
96. Rithy Keo-Pich
97. Mr Chariya Von
98. Mr Pierre Palluet
99. Nami Nou
100. Suniro Nou
101. Ms Sophine Nou
102. Mrs Visal So
103. Mr & Mrs Siribudh Pen
104. Mr Ged Scrivener
105. Mr & Mrs Sinang Wanli Chrea
106. Mr Pitou Keo
107. Ms Sovanvattey Chan
108. Mr Keith Naro
109. Ms Chhun Leang Heng
110. Ms Eliza Chan
111. Mr Panha Heng
112. Mr Channpeaktra Hong
113. Mr Sary Vithiea Peang
114. Mr Makara Pen
115. Mrs Chandavy Huong
116. Mrs Elaine Voo
117. Mrs Savroth Brown
118. Mrs Sarah Edwards
119. Mr & Mrs Tom Lydia Leekimson
120. Mrs Nino Dragon
121. Mr Sochivirak Pal
122. Mrs Samkol Preap
123. Mrs Yin Thou
124. Mr & Mrs Tek Raksmey Moung-Ung

A huge thanks to the students group

Students Association
1. Mr Dara Sok
2. Mr Kresna Mot
3. Dy Sovann
4. Chan Kresna Nath
5. Vathna So
6. Sophal Sok
7. Sokphyrom Tieng
8. Mr Kunthea Tep
9. Lim Samnang
10. Samphors Chroeng
11. Mr Chea Cola
12. Sovy Thak
13. Rachnna Chea
14. Amara Mao
15. Mei In Zhiu
16. Hai
17. Sor Chansopheak
18. Mok Rady
19. Sann Sopheakvitou
20. Heng Try
21. Ith Sambo
22. Thay Ratanak
23. Seiha
24. Amara
25. Mr Piseth
26. Mr Kim
27. Mr Tou
28. Mr Norith
29. Mr Visoth
30. Mr Den
31. Mr Smey
32. Mr Neach
33. Mr Hak
34. Miss Sopagna
35. Miss Thida Gnean
36. Noun Rathanak Sambath
37. Peuo Salideth
38. Lim Chongtech
39. Som Yuvakratana
40. Leng Phuong Bunnarath
41. Kim Thavuth
42. Bun Many
43. Eang Amara
44. Lou Vutha
45. Mr Chansopheak Sor
46. Mr Rattanak Keo
47. Mr Yuvakratana Som
48. Mr Pisey Keo
49. Mr Dara Eng
50. Mr Thavuth Kim
51. Mr Sinang Crea
52. Mr Navuth Ly
53. Mss Amara Eang
54. Mr Rady Mok
55. Mr Sinkhannorith Sann
56. Mr Rattanak Keo
57. Mr Yuvakratana Som
58. Mr Kasy Tan
59. Mr Chorng Bunawath
60. Mr Choungtech Lim
61. Mr Sopheakvitou Sann
62. Mr Leang Tech Hour
63. Mr Chansopheak Sor
64. Mr Keopisey Yin
65. Mr Dara Than
66. Miss Sovanvattey Chan
67. Mr Vi Both
68. Mr Lon Chanborey

A huge thanks to the Royal Embassy of Cambodia personnel

Cambodia Foreign Office Personnel
1. HE Ambassador Hor Nambora and family
2. HE Ambassador Meas Kim Heng
3. HE Ambassador Rathchavy Soeung (Dr)
4. HE Chea Davuth
5. Mr & Mrs Cheth Naren and family
6. Mr Khun Sovanneth
7. Mr Paul Sengky
8. Mr and Mrs Som Sunna
9. Ms Sou Chan Nary
10. Ms Kuy Yanna
11. Mr Keo Samnang
12. Chey Ratha
13. Mr Preap Pintheary
14. Mrs Channavy Morm .

A huge thanks to the photographers

1. Mr Charles Fox
2. Mr Sudarinn Unn
3. Mr Simon Brewer
4. Mr Semnarorth Nay
5. Ms Sokunthea Hang
6. Mr Samnang Srey
7. Sokphea Young

A huge thanks to the VLC personnel

VLC Centre Personnel
1. Mr Le
2. Mr and Mrs Lai
3. Mr Philip Moonsam
4. Mr Gac
5. Mr Tu
6. Miss Somini

A huge thanks to News & IT team

Thanks to Mr Sunit Pak Samay for his subcription-fee to domain for year 2008-2009.

Also, the IT team wishes to thank the owners of the images obtained from either Google, Yahoo or other search engines that our designer might have used on this site.