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Important Notice (Please read before attending):

♦ To all events and activities organized and held by Casunik, we, the organizer will not be held liable nor will we be held resposible for any loss or damages for personal belongings or personal injury during any events held by us. Therefore, we ask each of our member, friend and guest to be responsible for your own personal belongings, the safety of your child(ren), yourself and your friend(s).

♦ It is inappropriate for any individuals including Casunik members and friends alike to trade or commercially exchange goods during religious ceremonies at any religious temples organized by us. Therefore we urge all our members and friends to act appropriately whilst attending these occasions or ceremonies.

♦ Please observe, understand and comply to our "Dress Code" when attending ceremonies being held at the monasteries or venues of events where monks being present. If inappropriately dressed, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises.



Pchum Ben (Ancestors Day) - 2021

Pchum Ben Ancestor remembrance religious - Wednesday 6th October 2021
Due to the Covid-19 regulations, there's a limited numbers of VISITORS on daily basis for Amaravati Buddhist temple, therefore, it has been organised the following:

MrTan Nam will be conducting/offering a private religious Ceremony of Bang skaul blessing on behalf of the community's members, all Cambodians living in the UK, and the friends of the community, at his residential home

Sunday the 3rd October:
10.30Chanting blessing and Bang Skaul.
11.30Burning of names that are sending by families and relatives
12.00End of Ceremony

Wednesday the 6th October (Actual day):
Please note that we would solicit Monks of Amaravati to do chanting blessing on the same day
10.30Chanting blessing and Bang Skaul.
12.00End of Ceremony

Should you would like to send list's names of your relatives, please send it directly to:
Mr Nam Tan (Ajhan)
121 Fish Pond Road
London SW17 7LL
United Kingdom
Tel: 0208 672 5298

Should you would like to make a donation to Amaravati Buddhist temple, it would be gratefully accepted By cheques, please make it, PAYABLE to: The English Sangha Trust

For visiting AMARAVATI or CHITHURST Buddhist Monastery , please visit their website and follow instructions

Buddhist Monastery
St. Margarets Lane
Great Gaddesden
Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire HP1 3BZ

Chithurst Buddhist Monastery
Chithurst (W. Sussex), Petersfield,
Hampshire GU31 5EU