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Important Notice (Please read before attending):

♦ To all events and activities organized and held by Casunik, we, the organizer will not be held liable nor will we be held resposible for any loss or damages for personal belongings or personal injury during any events held by us. Therefore, we ask each of our member, friend and guest to be responsible for your own personal belongings, the safety of your child(ren), yourself and your friend(s).

♦ It is inappropriate for any individuals including Casunik members and friends alike to trade or commercially exchange goods during religious ceremonies at any religious temples organized by us. Therefore we urge all our members and friends to act appropriately whilst attending these occasions or ceremonies.

♦ Please observe, understand and comply to our "Dress Code" when attending ceremonies being held at the monasteries or venues of events where monks being present. If inappropriately dressed, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises.



Khmer New Year - 2024


Cambodian New Year Celebration year 2024
The Executive Committee of the CASUNIK wishes to invite all members and friends to the celebration of Khmer New Year on Saturday 13th April 2024.

Due to popularity of the fest, we recommend early booking is favourable to reserve your place in advance. Numbers of crowd allowed are limited due to hall space and size. We welcome your booking on a "first come, first served" basis.

Formally known as the VLC (Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia) Community Centre
Registered Charity number: 291530
151 Whiston Road
London E2 8GU

09:00Open - Arrival of Cambodian community members and guests
10:00Arrival of Monks and Nuns
10:30Opening speech & Religious (Buddhist) ceremony
11:30Offering of Dhamma to the Monks
12:00Lunch buffet for guests and congregation
14:30Traditional/Cultural performances
16:30Raffle draw
17:30Roam Vung Disco
19:00Dinner buffet for guests and congregation
20:00Roam Vung Disco

Dress code: Smart Casual/Traditional Outfit

Admission Fees
All Members and friends are cordially invited to join us in celebrating Khmer New Year. If you could, please bring own speciality of food (some vegetarian dishes as well) to share with us in this event.

Free entryFor children from age 12 and below
£10.00GBP/personFrom age 13 years and above, if you bring your own food to contribute/share in this event
£20.00/personFrom age 13 years and above, if you do not wish to bring your own food and you wish to join our buffet meal catered by our catering team
For those who are not be able to bring own food and wish to join our buffet, please make your contribution using cheque or postal order and post it to the below address. Preferably 2 weeks prior the date of this event, in order for us to prepare and arrange necessary catering sufficiently for everyone who attend.

For catering arrangement
By post only. Cheque/Postal Order should be made payable to CASUNIK and send to below address:

Ms Pranee Nou (Treasurer)
120 Beaumont Drive
Norhtfleet, Gravesend
DA11 9NS



Our best wishes this year to all our members and friends, both locally and globally, for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Chhnam Rhong - Year of the Dragon - BE 2568

The actual date for the Cambodian New Year is the 13th of April. By ancient tradition, the celebration would last for three days. The first day is the beginning of the celebration, the second is the Middle Day (Blind Date) and the third one is the Day when the name of the New Year effectively starts.